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Reid School

(801) 466-4214

Three Reid School girls pose for a picture.

Three Reid School girls pose for a picture.

Reading Clinic / Summer School

Reid School, in cooperation with the University of Utah’s Division of Continuing Education, offers a series of classes and tutoring sessions for students of all ages to learn to read, write, and spell; improve comprehension and study skills; increase rate; develop visual and auditory sequential memory, association and recall; use a computer efficiently and effectively; and learn mathematics.

Students of all abilities attend the Reid Clinic.  Reading improvement classes are offered for professional adults. Classes for non-native English speakers are popular.  Instruction to develop higher-level thinking skills is offered.  Classes in creative and expository writing are also offered.

These classes are offered after during the day in the summer at Reid School.  Call Reid School (801) 466-4214 for information.  Classes are advertised in the University of Utah Continuing Education Youth catalog.

Summer 2020 Schedule

Students respond to effective instruction.

Students respond to effective instruction.

Reading, Spelling and Language Skills Development Program:

All Levels

Summer 2020

  • Session 1    M-F   8:30-10:00 A.M., June 8 - 26 – $525 (15 classes)
  • Session 2    M-F 10:30-12:00 P.M., June 8 - 26 – $525 (15 classes)
  • Session 3   M-F   8:30-10:00 A.M., June 29 - July 17 – $525 (15 classes)
  • Session 4   M-F 10:30-12:00 P.M., June 29 - July 17 – $525 (15 classes)

Students from kindergarten through 12th grade are tested prior to the beginning of summer school and placed in small groups of students based on their reading levels.  The students are also tested at the end of the class and a report including pre- and posttest scores and activities completed are mailed to the parents.

Reading instruction in the lower reading levels emphasizes sound-symbol relationships and phonics; however, key vocabulary words, comprehension, study skills, and writing are taught in all groups—appropriate to the students’ reading levels.  Penmanship, spelling, grammar, and proofing skills are also taught.  References provided.

Computer Keyboarding, Reading, and Spelling Skills:

Summer 2020

  • Session 5   Mondays & Wednesdays, 12:15-1:30 P.M., June 8 - 24 – $150 (6 classes)
  • Session 6   Mondays & Wednesdays, 12:15-1:30 P.M., June 29 - July 15 – $150 (6 classes)

Computer keyboarding, typing, reading, and spelling skills are all taught in these classes.  Pre- and posttests allow students to work on needed skills.  Students progress at their own rates.  Parents are encouraged to join their children in this learning experience without extra charge.  IBM PC and compatible computers are used in the instruction.  Testing for placement takes place the first day of class.  Posttesting occurs on the last day of class, and reports are written for parents.

Mathematics Skills:

Summer 2020

  • Session 7   Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, 12:15-1:30 P.M., June 9 - 26 – $270 (9 classes)
  • Session 8   Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, 12:15-1:30 P.M., June 30 - July 17 – $270 (9 classes)

Students are pre-tested prior to class time for appropriate placement in math classes.  Students are taught the basic mathematics skills for their instructional levels.  Basic use of numbers with practical applications is stressed.  Students are tested again at the end of the course and reports sent home to parents.

Tutoring for reading/language or mathematics instruction is available at $40.00 per hour.  Times are arranged as desired.

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Summer Schedule

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