Reid School
(801) 466-4214

August 18 – May 9
8:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Reid School

2965 East Evergreen Ave.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

Reid School

(801) 466-4214

8:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

The Reid School building (south side and front entrance).

The Reid School building (south side and front entrance).

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About Reid School

Private school serving Salt Lake City, call 801-466-4214 or 801-486-5083. Reid School offers customized instruction that allows for higher academic scores among students.

Welcome to Reid School

Discover Reid School. Our motto: 'Quality, Innovative, and Caring.' Reid School provides instruction that guarantees success. Every child learns.

Introductory Video

A short introduction video about Reid School, featuring Dr. Ethna R. Reid, Former Principal.


Our Salt Lake City private school is Cognia accredited. Contact Reid School to enroll today!


Read what Reid School students and their parents have to say about their experiences with Reid School.


Reid School began in 1987 and focuses on providing customized instruction for every student. Not only do we have higher academic scores, but our students have a lot of fun!


Reid School's mission is to ensure students' academic success by: 1) teaching students how to learn, 2) teaching new content daily, 3) providing a safe place for learning, 4) providing consistency, and 5) requiring commitment and responsibility from both teachers and students.

Why Reid School

Reid School is a child-centered school. Each student is placed at his/her appropriate instructional level in reading, mathematics, and in the sciences which allows each student to move along a continuum of tasks as quickly as he/she masters the material.

Principal and Staff

Mr. M. Gardner Reid is the principal of Reid School in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was previously the assistant principal, and has been and continues to be a teacher of the Broadcast Studio and Single Camera Productions classes at Reid School as well as the chess coach for many years. Dr. Mervin R. Reid serves as president of Reid School Inc. Teachers at Reid School have teaching certificates; are qualified; have received in-service to use ECRI, KRS, and ECLE; and recognize the importance of communicating and collaborating with parents.

Grade Levels

Salt Lake City's private school, Reid School, offers education for preschoolers, elementary students, and middle school students. Learn more about our grade levels here!

Reid Preschool

Salt Lake City's private preschool, Reid School, offers an Early Preschool or Parent-and-Infant Program and a Preschool Program.

Reid Elementary School

At Reid School, our Salt Lake City private school offers a fun and effective learning environment for elementary students grades K through Five.

Reid Middle School

Reid School offers private instruction for middle school students in Utah. Contact the Salt Lake City private school today to enroll!

Summer School/Clinic

Reid School offers a summer reading clinic that uses the Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI) teaching methods.

Tuition and Fees

Reid School offers services from Preschool through Grade 9 at reasonable rates.

School Lunch Fees

Reid School contracts with a catering company to provide school lunches. Fees should be paid directly to the catering company.


Students who desire a platinum–plus education which guarantees future high school and college success register at Reid School, grades Preschool through Grade Nine.

Dress Code/Uniform

Reid School students wear a daily uniform to school, and a field trip uniform for field trips and special events.

Online Registration

To enroll your child at Reid School please complete this online registration form, or complete the printed PDF registration form and bring it with you to Reid School's front office.

Clinic Registration

Register for summer classes at Reid School offered by the Reid Foundation

Academics Program

Reid School is the first private school to be totally dedicated to the use of Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI) instructional methods. These methods have been validated by a panel of evaluators at the U.S. Department of Education as being significantly superior to other reading and language arts programs throughout the United States.

Reading / Mathematics

In both Reading/English and mathematics classes at Reid School, students are placed at their instructional levels. Students move ahead in the curriculum as rapidly as they demonstrate 100% mastery.

Social Studies / Science

Instruction in Social Studies and the Sciences begins with hands-on learning. Field trip experiences, resource persons, and laboratory activities are critical elements in providing concrete and vicarious learning experiences for the students.

Computers / Technology

Reid School students spend alternating quarters in Computer Lab 1 where they are taught keyboarding, computer usage, reading, and spelling skills (KRS) and in Computer Lab 2 where they learn to use the computer to augment/enhance their classroom studies.


Music, literature, drama, foreign language, and the arts are part of Reid School's daily life. We believe that a student's creative ability is nurtured and developed as specialists work with them daily in classes and with special events.

Field Experiences

Learning doesn't happen only in the classroom at Reid School. Frequent field trips provide hands-on learning. The use of field experiences and resource persons who come into the classroom to add 'spice' to the lessons increase students' interest and knowledge in the subject they are currently studying.

Annual Activities

Throughout the year students participate in various sports, clubs, special programs, and many extra-curricular activities.

Service Opportunities

Reid School students' service to other students, parents, and staff, and staff's and parents' service to students create a valued, shared responsibility.

Visit Reid School

Call 801-466-4214 to setup a personal tour of Reid School in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Schedule of holidays and major events of the school year including reporting periods.

Reid School News

The Reid School News is published by the front office with information for parents and students about what is happening at Reid School.


Contact Information for Reid School a private school in Salt Lake City, Utah offering instruction from Pre-K through Grade 9. Also an online contract form.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Reid School's website only.

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A simple view of all public web pages, except those of individual blog posts, on including page descriptions.

KSL Radio spots

Listen to KSL Radio's spots about Reid School

Employment Opportunities

To be considered for a teaching position at Reid School, please complete the online application.

Parent Survey

Here are Reid School we value student and parent feedback. Please fill out this survey to let us know how we are doing.

Reading Lists

Several lists of books that represent good literature which students should chose from for their in-class and at-home reading.

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