Reid School
(801) 466-4214

Reid School

2965 East Evergreen Ave.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

Reid School

(801) 466-4214

Parents of Reid School students help serve a Thanksgiving Feast.

Parents of Reid School students help serve a Thanksgiving Feast.

Parent and Student Reviews

Committed to Individual Development

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing school.  We are grateful for individuals, like you, who have such vision and discipline.  It has been an honor to have our children attend this school.

— Justin and Kiersha Wheeler

Thank you for yet another wonderful school year!  Reid School has been a wonderful investment for our family, and we so appreciate all of your time, devotion and sacrifice to make the school such a success.  Enjoy the summer.

— Kim and Jon Paulding

What can I say except thank you from the bottom of our heart.  The last 15 years have been remarkable.  We will miss seeing you everyday in the halls, your infectious laugh and your kind nature.  You have given my children a wonderful education and have shown them how to be independent, smart and confident people.  We will always hold a spot in our hearts for Reid School.  Please let us know if you ever need us for anything

— Frank and Leslie Corbett

Thank you for everything you have done for me in this school.  I will miss it very much

— Marcus Corbett

This school was a true blessing for my three children.  Michael did not enjoy reading books before coming to Reid School.  I now discover him reading late in the night, fully engrossed in the story.  Thank you for giving him the tools he needed to read well.  Sydney has improved her writing skills and loves coming to school each day.  All of the clubs and extra activities were so fun for her.  Charlotte enjoyed preschool.  She would sing all the songs at home and is now sounding out simple words.  Wow!

Words cannot express my gratitude and thanks.  You have treated my family with great care and helped us all so much.

— April Worley

There is nothing we can do or say that would amply express our gratitude for your dedication to and nurturing of our children’s academics over the last fifteen years.  It is an experience that will be dear to our hearts forever.  Please plant this perennial as a reminder every year of how you have helped us all grow not only academically but as better people and parents.

— Matt and Brooke Johnson

This letter is long overdue.  I want you to know how pleased and grateful I am that our daughter Mariel has had such a successful year at Reid School.  I can see that she has grown tremendously in her ability as a reader and writer, and has also been making steady progress in math.  More importantly, I am so happy that Mariel is positive in her outlook about school.  I am thrilled to see her find a niche and feel included at school.  Jim and I have been astounded by Mariel’s ability to write.  She always seems to have a firm grasp on what the expectations are of her when homework assignments are brought home.  I was amazed at how well she could understand the complex nature of English sonnets!  I just want you to know that I have seen a tremendous amount of improvement and growth in Mariel this year.  Thank you for having such an outstanding program at Reid School.  I greatly appreciate your emphasis on fundamentals along with enriching opportunities that expand students’ learning experiences – such as including regular Physical Education.  Thank you for valuing the students.  We have noticed that you take a very “rose colored” view of the children at your school, and that produces great things.  I am currently reading a parenting book by a distinguished professor at Yale who has done research on children for thirty years.  He recommends the very approach that I see you implementing – always looking for the positive and accentuating and rewarding “what children do right.”

Thank you, thank you, Dr. Reid.  We appreciate you so very much!

— Nancy Swindler

Thank you so much for the education your school provided Avery these last two years.  We feel that Reid School very much provided the education and experience that we were seeking for Avery.  Not just academically, which was far beyond what we expected to see her achieve, but in many other ways as well.  Avery now has a sense of confidence and comfort in her abilities.  She is better able to cope with her hearing impairment and express her needs.  She has developed better social skills and continues to grow in that area.  Perhaps most importantly, Avery felt like a part of the Reid School community and that was so important to her, and to us.  That feeling of belonging has given her very fond memories of her time at Reid, and has made her hopeful and excited about what her future holds at school in Park City.

— Linden and Bill Mechling

I hope you remember me because you have been such an inspiration in my life.  I am so thankful for the education I have received from you, your school, and all of the amazing teachers.  I will be moving to New York and attending Marymount Manhattan on an academic and dance scholarship.  I am nervous and sad but mainly excited. Thank you for building such a strong foundation for me.

— Blakelee Harmon

I was digging through some old papers, and I came across a paper introducing [Dr. Ethna R. Reid] and ECRI.  This was in the early 70’s.  A group of Oregon teachers, from Oak Grove School in North Albany, attended workshops of yours in SLC in 1974-76.  I have used your program much of the time since then.  I have also taught school at Martin L. King Elementary School in Vancouver, WA. and the past 28 years in four different places in Germany for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools, (DoDDS).  I want to thank you, and let you know the powerful influence you have made on my life over the years.  The last time I saw and spoke with you was in 2000 in Auckland, New Zealand at the Reading World Congress.

— John Spriggs, ECRI teacher

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