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Reid School

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Reid School

(801) 466-4214

The Reid School building (south side and front entrance).

The Reid School building (south side and front entrance).

2019-20 Graduate: Hannah Zoulek

Photo History of Hannah Zoulek graduating from Reid School in the Spring of 2020.

Graduation Tribute for Hannah Zoulek

I am happy to honor our next graduate Hannah Zoulek.  Hannah Zoulek came to Reid School in 2009 as a preschooler.  Her teachers remember her as being very bright with a wonderful, adult-like vocabulary.  Her teachers said she was always very proper and kind.  Whenever a new concept was presented to the students, Hannah understood it immediately.

While in the lower school, I remember Hannah’s father pulling her in a wagon to school each morning.  Hannah is remembered for her great Science Day presentations.

While discussing Hannah, we also should add something about her parents and grandparents.  Dr. Karen Paisley, Hannah’s mother, was an instructor in Junior Achievement for several years.  She has helped many students understand the importance of an education and the wise use of resources, and she has used her artistic ability to brighten the halls outside the lunchroom each month, and with scenery and costumes for the Shakespeare Festival.

Hannah’s father, Jerry Zoulek, is a chef extra ordinaire.  We have loved his gourmet salads and meals at Mastery Test parties, Teacher Appreciation luncheons, Halloween Carnivals, Field Day events, and on Veterans’ Day to name just a few!

Hannah’s grandfather volunteered in the school library each week, and her grandmother has helped to alter and make costumes for the Shakespeare Festival.  Hannah’s education at Reid School has truly been a family affair!

Today Hannah is an accomplished scholar.  She challenges herself well beyond the assignments given in class.  She is also a thespian – taking the role of Bianca in “Twelfth Night” and Calpurnia in “Julius Caesar.”

Hannah has represented Reid School at Mock Trial, AMC8 math contest, State Math Counts, State Geography Bee, and State Science Fairs.  This year Hannah was named the Grand National Penmanship Champion for 8th grade.  She is the third Reid School student to receive this National honor.

Hannah is also very service minded.  This year Hannah spearheaded the luncheon for the Reid School Veterans’ Day Celebration and has worked diligently as an officer and past president in the National Junior Honor Society to provide Halloween costumes, winter coats, wheelchairs, and food to the disadvantaged.  I can’t help but think the world will be a better place because of Hannah!

We will miss you Hannah.  Thank you for the eleven years you were a student at Reid.

Hannah will be presented her diploma at home by her mother Dr. Karen Pailey.

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