Reid School
(801) 466-4214

Reid School

2965 East Evergreen Ave.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

Reid School

(801) 466-4214

The Reid School building (south side and front entrance).

The Reid School building (south side and front entrance).

2019-20 Graduate: Emilie Huntsman

Photo History of Emilie Huntsman graduating from Reid School in the Spring of 2020.

Graduation Tribute for Emilie Huntsman

I am thrilled to be honoring Emilie Huntsman.  Even though Emilie started at Reid School the fall of 2018, it seems like we have always known her because her older brother and sisters attended Reid.  It has been fun to visit with Madeline, Paul, and Annabelle, throughout the school year.  Emilie has a special bond with her brother Jonny.  They often help and encourage each other during practice time and during math.

Emilie entered Reid School with an eager desire to learn.  She quickly picked up cursive handwriting and how to pass a mastery test.  Her eagerness is displayed in the way she responds to teacher directives and student-directed work.  It has been fun to listen to Emilie read with such fluency and expression!

Emilie has learned to work at something until she understands it completely.  She definitely understands and applies the adage “Practice makes perfect.”  However, Emilie takes it one step further, “Perfect practice makes perfect!”

Emilie is a member of the Reid School National Junior Honor Society.  She is always eager to give service.  I think we really surprised the service director at “This is the Place” State Park this year when our students finished with a task in just a few hours that they thought would take us all day!

While at Reid School Emilie has become a wonderful writer.  Recently, Emilie won a prize for her poem about a ballerina which reveals Emilie’s passion for ballet.  Taking the role of Clara in Ballet West’s “Nutcracker” this year allowed all of Salt Lake to enjoy her great talent.

It has been fun watching Emilie compete in Quidditch with her “House.”  She is definitely the most graceful Quidditch player I have ever seen with her toes pointed, leaping after the quaffle!

It has been a joy being Emilie’s teacher and watching her blossom during the last two years.  We will miss you!

Emilie will receive her diploma at home and it will be presented by her father.

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