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Reid School

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

Reid School

(801) 466-4214

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Why Choose Us

Reid School emphasizes a child-centered program!

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Education Excellence

At Reid School, a private school in Salt Lake City, we know that all students can learn well if they are given:

  1. Quality Instruction
  2. Adequate Time
  3. Sufficient Practice

Therefore, instruction is diversified with students grouped and re-grouped for various subjects.

Advanced Reading/English, Mathematics, and Science classes are offered as students demonstrate mastery.

Fast Facts


Critical Teaching Behaviors ensure student success.


Annual events/​programs scheduled one per month.


Specialized Study Skills are taught in a school year.


Comprehension/​Literature Skills are taught each year.


New words and word recognition skills taught throughout the year.


Significant Gains

Students are given the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) each Fall and Spring.  The vision at Reid School is to measure the results of student growth at all instructional levels and find that it is significant.

The most important notable achievements are the continued higher levels of achievement for students, higher reading and writing levels, higher placement in mathematics.

In the 2016 Stanford Achievement Tests 45% of all the students scored at the 90th percentile and above.  Sixty-three percent of the students scored in the 80th percentile.